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Hours: We are open 24/7 851 Main St W Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Eco Heating & Air Solutions, Inc is one of 3 companies and one brand owned by Rick Gilmer. Below is more information about each company.

Crossville Heating and Cooling

Crossville Heating and Cooling, Inc.

We live here. We work here.

HVAC for Crossville, TN and surrounding areas.

Crossville Heating and Cooling does HVAC and plumbing for Cumberland County and surrounding areas. We have been in service since 1982 and look forward to continuing to be the HVAC company for Cumberland County.

Phone: (931) 484-0004

Guardian Strike

Gas Line Safety Valve. Available nation wide

Guardian Strike is a gas safety valve that attaches to a gas line at the meter. When lightning strikes your line or any kind of voltage or damage to your gas line, Guardian Strike shuts the gas off to help prevent fires and explosions. In the image, you can see where Gaudian Strike attaches to the gas meter followed by a closer look into the inside of Guardian Strike. The last part of the image is where you can see the Core of Guardian Strike. The Core contains a fuse and a plunger. When an electrical current gets in the gas line, it blows the fuse plunging the core to shut off the gas, protecting you and your family.

Phone: 844-SRIKE-4 (787-4534)

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