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December 15, 2021

$12.99 / month

Commercial and residential maintenance agreements provide a wide array of critical services designed to keep your equipment operating dependably and economically throughout its natural life cycle. On a seasonal basis, our technicians will inspect vital system components, check refrigerant levels, calibrate the system, clean coils, change filters, and perform a number of other important furnace and air conditioning services. We also offer priority emergency service and “Bonus Bucks,” which can be applied like cash toward the purchase of a new system.

​For customers in the surrounding areas, Eco Heating & Air Solutions, Inc provide complete HVAC solutions for jobs of every size and complexity.

Eco Platinum Membership

By joining the Eco Platinum Club you get all of the following and we come out twice a year to service your system! The renewals are now automatic so you don’t have to remember to renew!

  1. Priority Scheduling
  2. 21 Point Inspection
  3. 1-year repair warranty
  4. Coil cleaning
  5. $100 per renewal new unit purchase accrual
  6. 10% discount on repairs
  7. No additional charges for overtime service
  8. Blower Wheel Cleaning
  9. Condensate treatment
  10. Auto-renewal
  11. We offer Bonus Bucks, which can be applied like cash toward the purchase of a new system.
  12. No hassle guarantee

You can also add on other services:

  • Additional Units
  • Water Heater Maintenance
  • Mini Split Maintenance

Maintenance Agreements must be renewed before or on the 1-year expiration date. Accruals max out at 10 years until credit is used. $12.99 per month based on Basic Maintenance Agreement only. Monthly payments must be set up by credit or debit cards only.


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