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The water heater is a plumbing essential. You can’t get along without it. Without regular service, the wear and tear of daily operations can result in malfunction, failure, and reduced service life. Professional maintenance from Eco Heating & Air Solutions, Inc not only optimizes reliability and longevity but makes sure you’re aware and prepared to replace at the right time. We help you avoid a cold water shower and potential damage to your home in Oak Ridge, TN and surrounding areas.

Regular Maintenance for Your Water Heater

Conventional storage tank water heaters typically last between 10 and 15 years. Tankless water heaters normally provide a minimum of twenty years of operation. Lifespan and value are maximized with proactive upkeep from Eco Heating & Air Solutions, Inc. We keep equipment working at peak efficiency and capacity. With thorough troubleshooting, we spot and resolve issues that would otherwise cause major disruption and repair needs.

Contact our team for hot water heater maintenance service!

We recommend draining the water heater tank every six to twelve months to clear out the harmful buildup of sediment. We’re more than happy to handle the job, along with a comprehensive task list of inspection, testing and adjustment to protect your investment and everyday convenience. Get in touch at (844) 340-7380 for flexible scheduling, expert service and peace of mind, anywhere across Oak Ridge, Clinton, Jamestown, Oliver Springs, Dunlap, and Whitwell, TN.

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